Gaming can get in the way of children’s education. Our workshops builds moderation and self-control skills to keep gaming a safe and healthy pastime.

Through rich story-telling and interaction we connect with the students. We build empathy and teach them how to reach out for help when gaming is affecting theirs or their friends’ lives.

Interactive & engaging

We don’t just deliver content in our school workshops. We actively engage students in discussions and game-like interactivity.

Custom designed for the school

We make sure the content is relevant for your school, the student’s experiences and according to school policies.

Not just a one-off

Aside from a school workshop you get all our teacher and parent resources, providing you with content for the schools newsletter and materials for teachers to continue the learning.

All school workshops include:

Free resources for the school

Schools get our information pack which contains many factsheets about the benefits and risks of gaming.

We also provide the schools with information for the newsletter, ensuring part of the learning is transferred to the parents.

Handouts for students and parents

Our school workshops guide young people through a worksheet that gets students thinking about the time they spend on games and how it is balanced with all other responsibilities in life.


The content of our workshops are carefully developed over many years and in collaboration with education specialists. Students will learn:

  • when and how to reach out for help;
  • how video games trick player to stay in the game;
  • how video games trick players to spend money on the game;
  • identify bullying and other social risks;
  • to empathise with parents and understand their role in managing gaming at home;
  • to protect their privacy;
  • to identify when gaming gets out of control;
  • what to do when a friend in need of support.

We provide resources to both students and teachers to follow up on what’s learned and ensure newly built skills are put in practice.


Parents are an essential part of managing game time and ensuring students are not impacted by their experiences online.

A parent seminar combined with a student workshop will ensure the message is shared and both parents and children are open to setting new agreements around gaming.

I was at the Secondary College last week and had a couple of secondary students chat to me about the difference our assembly session had on their gaming behaviour. They confessed that they still game but are now ensuring that they try and schedule some wind down time. One student said he now games only after dinner as being interrupted to go to the table with his family was causing issues. Others have started a games club where they play and time limit each other. This group live out of the township and have limited social opportunities due to distance.


Leongatha Secondary College

The primary school teachers gave me feedback about the large number of kids that have talked openly about how they are now aware of how they react when they stop gaming. Some have reported better behaviour in homes and between siblings.

School Focused Youth Services Coordinator


Let’s chat! I would love to talk to you about what’s happening and how we could help. We will discuss the needs of your school/students in detail and custom design a workshop that will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

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