Inspiring and empowering young people to explore the opportunities of the video game industry and transfer their love of playing video games into career building skills. 


Engage young people into learning modern day skills:

  • Game development
  • Game design
  • E-sports, competitive gaming, tournaments
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Streaming / content development
  • Web development

All sessions introduce the students to a specific part of the video game industry.

The students decide which skills they want to delve deeper into. 

Institute of Games Controllers


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Aside from formal skills development, every session with the students will include the following:

  • Creating a positive, supportive environment
  • Encouraging social connection with peers
  • Establishing a supportive connection between teachers and students
  • Establishing connections with external support agencies where needed.
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Exploring career opportunities
  • Developing sportsmanship, problem-solving skills,
  • Inviting role-models from the gaming industry

Where possible, guests from the video game industry are invited to the program to share their story and journey with the young people.

Do you think gaming could re-engage your students?

Interactive & engaging

We don’t just deliver the content, we actively engage students in positive, strength building conversations and explore their skills.

Custom designed

We value student-guided learning. This means the students partially decide the content of this program

Not just a one-off

Aside from a 10 week program we give you all our teacher and parent resources, training to staff and support to the parents of the students.

This program includes:

Free resources for the school

Schools get our information pack which contains many factsheets about the benefits and risks of gaming.

Handouts for the students

Our workshops guide young people through a worksheet that gets students thinking about the time they spend on games and how it is balanced with all other responsibilities in life.

Support to parents

Parents often experience difficulty when it comes to managing the time spent gaming. We will support the parents through either a parent seminar or a more individualised approach. We will discuss this with the school prior to starting the program.

Training for staff

We believe that if we embed the program in the curriculum and train staff in the delivery of this program, the learning will be sustained long after the program has finished.


The content of our programs are carefully developed over many years and in collaboration with education specialists. Students will learn:

  • Students explore careers in the video game industry
  • Students build skills (game development, design, marketing…)
  • Students are empowered to learn and extend their own learning.
  • Students learn how to play video games in a safe, healthy and balanced way.


We provide resources to both students and teachers to follow up on what’s learned and ensure newly built skills are put in practice.



Let’s chat! I would love to talk to you about what’s happening and how we could help. We will discuss the needs of your organisation in detail and custom design a workshop that will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

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