Video games have disrupted childhood. And the gap between parents and children is widening.

Let’s get parents on board by providing them the tools and confidence they need to make positive agreements in their home.

Interactive & engaging

We don’t just deliver the content, we actively engage parents in discussions about gaming and how they manage it at home

Focus on values and confidence

We don’t pretend to know what’s best. Every family has their own parenting style and we support this.

Practical and real

We don’t shy away from the hard questions. We give real tips and a range of resources to support parents.

All workshops include:

Free resources for parents

The Institute has developed many resources and factsheets. When we provide a parent seminar all these resources are free for all attending parents. 


Resources for schools

The organisers (this can be the school or a local government) will get our resources to freely share within their organisation. We can help with promotion, evaluation and ensure that learning is disseminated beyond the one-off seminar.


The content of our parent seminars have been carefully developed over many years. At the seminar we focus on:

  • Video game addiction;
  • Violent video games and their impact on children;
  • The links with gambling;
  • Bullying;
  • Practical ideas and tips to balance video games with other real-life responsibilities;
  • The positives of gaming and how to support these;
  • Careers in video games.

We also share handouts with the parents to support the learning and implement some of the new concepts discussed in the seminar.


A parent seminar combined with a student workshop will ensure the message is shared and both parents and children are open to setting new agreements around gaming.

We believe that when parents and their children get the same information from a neutral source, the discussions at home are more robust and more likely to lead to mutual agreements around the use of video games in the family.

Steven was knowledgeable and covered a wide range of topics around gaming. I was most impressed. He provided good practical advice on management of game limitations with children. Good at reducing fear as well.


Feedback from Whitehorse Parent Seminar

I was in the audience at the Spensley St parents talk recently and felt much more positive about my son’s (10 yo) interest in gaming after hearing you talk in such a balanced way about it. What struck me most was the importance of playing games together, being more positive about his interest and practising going ‘on and off’ to regulate dopamine which I’ve shared with him. So thank you once again. It has relieved quite a bit of worry and stress associated with the topic between us.


Feedback from Spensley Street Primary School Seminar


Let’s chat! I would love to talk to you about what’s happening and how we could help. We will discuss the needs of your school/students in detail and custom design a workshop that will acieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

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