Light Up!

Last ghost standing


In this dungeon escape game with a battle royale elimination system, you play as a heroic, cute ghost who has been trapped in a treacherous underground dungeon filled with deadly traps and fierce enemies. Your mission is to navigate through the dungeon, gather light to expand your vision, collect an all-important key and find a way to escape.

However, there’s a catch: you’re not alone… And there’s not enough keys for everyone to get out.

Other players are also trapped in the dungeon, and you must compete with them to be the last man standing. Each round, one ghost will be locked into the dungeon as the others move onto the next round of insane racing through dark tunnels, avoiding traps.

Pick up gems along the way to strengthen your hero. They will need all the help, skills and abilities they can get to make it out alive. But be smart about when to use these gems. They should not be wasted.

As you progress through the levels of the dungeon, you’ll face increasingly difficult challenges. The last player or team standing will be declared the winner and earn bragging rights as the ultimate dungeon escape champion.

In this game, you must balance your desire to defeat your opponents with your need to stay alive and escape the dungeon. It’s a test of both your survival skills and your speed, as you battle your way through a deadly labyrinth in a fight for your life.