Young people are no longer at skate parks. They are online, in virtual worlds. Video games are disrupting childhood.

The Institute of Games provides professionals with the skills and knowledge to engage and support young people who choose to escape the real world in video games.

Interactive & engaging

We don’t just deliver the content, we actively engage participants in discussions and introduce them to today’s newest youth culture in real time.

Custom designed

We’ve worked with mental health teams, D&A teams, teachers, youth workers and more. We prepare the content with you so it is relevant to your practice.

Not just a one-off

Aside from a training session you get all our professional and parent resources, providing you with the materials to implement the learning.

All workshops include:

Free resources

All participants receive our resource packs to support their learning and assist in implementing the learning into their practice.

These include:

  • Parent’s Guide to Gaming – to support your work with parents
  • Manual for dealing with gaming issues – to provide guidance in your work with gamers.
  • All factsheets – usefull as handy conversation starters.
  • All assessment tools.


Our professional development workshops explain why we play games and how this gameplay can become disordered.

We explore the links between gaming and mental health and generate an understanding on how professionals can approach a child who is negatively impacted by video games.

You will learn gamers’ language and gain an understanding of gamers’ culture. This will give you the language to engage better with gamers.

We delve into the deeper psychology of gamers and explain concepts like avatar attachment, game transfer and compulsive gaming.

At the end of our workshop you will be able to identify if a student is at risk of a gaming disorder and will have the confidence and language to speak to the student and refer to appropriate support service

Very informative and contemporary. I really liked the balanced approach to gaming and the tempered approach to addiction. I have learned many new things about what young people do these days and the risks that involves. Thanks!

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Let’s chat! I would love to talk to you about what’s happening and how we could help. We will discuss the needs of your organisation in detail and custom design a workshop that will achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

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