Our resources and publications focus on the impact video games have on children; both positive and negative. You’ll find more detailed information about:

  • addiction
  • links to gambling
  • benefits of gaming
  • supporting gamers

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The Institute of Games White paper

Our White Paper explains why we work in the space of gaming / wellbeing and safety. We believe that children have a right to access video games, but we also think there is work to be done to keep gaming safe and healthy for children. This will benefit both families and the video games industry.


No Gambling in Games Factsheets - 2018

The Institute of Games was funded to explore the link between gambling and video games. As part of this work we developed three factsheets for parents to raise awareness about Social Casino Games, Lootboxes and Gambling with Virtual Items.


Submission to the Senate Environment and Communication Commission - 2018

The Institute of Games prepared a submission to the inquiry into the gaming micro-transactions for chance-based items.

Director Steven Dupon was requested to attend  the commission hearing and provide evidence.


Parent's Guide to Gaming - 2016

A FREE resource for parents and professionals to help you manage gaming in the home.

This resource was funded by the City of Manningham and developed for YMCA of Manningham.


Convergence of gaming and gambling

This report was produced in 2017 for VRGF after studying the links and crossover between video games and gambling. We cover lootboxes, gambling with virtual goods and social casino games.


Parents manual on dealing with gaming issues at home

This manual guides parents and professional on supporting young people when gaming got out of hand.

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